Glossary of Infused Massage Body Oils


The following is a comprehensive list of essential oils and absolutes we use in our custom blend of massage oils and creams. Please note, we do NOT sell essential oils direct. 

We sell custom, all natural, therapeutic massage oils and beauty products infused with essential oils.

Amber - Earthy, rich, woody tones. It is mildly sweet and velvety smooth

Angelica - Sharp, biting odor of green stems, just broken, with peppery overtones

Anise - Warm, sweet, licorice aroma, like Italian Christmas cookies

Balsam Peru - Balsamic, vanilla-type, warm, & smoky

Basil - Warm, spicy, and herbal with a hot, somewhat anise tasting "bite"

Bay - Spicy, somewhat camphoraceous, herbaceous, warm odor with a "bite"

Benzoin - Sweet, warm and vanilla-like

Bergamot - Notably being both sweet and tart at the same time

Birch - Sweet, sharp, minty scent that is very fresh and similar to Wintergreen

Black Pepper - Fresh, woody, warm and spicy aroma with a backnote of fruit

Borage Seed - Light and sweet

Cacao - Sensual, heady, delicious and intriguing

Calendula - Warm, earthy-floral aroma

Cardamom - Distinctively spicy, fruity, warm, and balsamic odor 

Carnation - Earthy, spicy-floral aroma

Carrot - Herbaceous, warm, woody-earthy and spicy odor

Cedarwood - Woody-sweet warm aroma

Chamomile - Floral, vegetable, fatty, herbaceous, earthy, and spicy 

Chamomile Cape - Complex floral and fruity, strong, sweet, and herbaceous

Chamomile German - Floral, vegetable, fatty, herbaceous, earthy, and spicy

Chamomile Maroc - Fresh, herbaceous, balsamic undertone

Chamomile Roman - Floral, fruity, aldehydic and sweet

Cinnamon - Spicy, woody, fruity, with a bite note

Clary Sage - Woody green herbaceous and pleasant conifer odor that is mildly intoxicating

Clove Bud - Warm, very spicy, woody with a subnote of leather

Coriander - Green, sharp, sweet and woody, with a hint of cilantro

Cypress - Distinct musty and citrus-like top note with a crisp, pine-like middle note and sweet balsamic undertones

Eucalyptus Radiata - Camphoraceous, sweet, woody

Eucalyptus Globulus - Very herbaceous scent with soft woody undertones

Eucalyptus Citriodora - Strong, fresh, citronella-like, sweet balsamic undertone

Fennel - Sweet, honey, licorice, and herbal

Fir Needle - Clean coniferous, somewhat turpentine aroma

Frangipani - Sweet, Fruity, Floral

Frankincense - Expansive, clean, dry, woody, conifer, fruity, pepper, and spicy

Galbanum - Weed, green and fatty, musty with a bit of fruit

Geranium - Floral, sweet, slightly herbal

Ginger - Hot, spicy, earthy, and woody with a sweet back note Grapefruit - Citrus, and fruity

Helichrysum - Strong honey and hay aroma with herbaceous backnotes 

Hop - Rich, dry, spicy floral

Hyacinth - Sweet, green, deep, soft, floral

Hyssop - Sweet, rich herbaceous, camphoraceous Jasmine - Intensely floral, fatty with a musk note, and a back note of hay and honey

Jasmine - Intensely floral, fatty with a musk note, and a back note of hay and honey

Juniper - Coniferous, woody, spicy, and herbal

Labdanum - Exotic fragrance of sweet balsam, musk and smoke with a hint of herbaceous

Lavender - Powdery, sweet, floral and herbaceous

Lemon - Citrus, herbaceous, vegetative, with a bit of fern

Lemongrass - Citrus, herbaceous, and smoky

Lime - Citrus, tart, sweet with some spice

Linden - Sweet, deep and slightly spicy

Litsea Cubeba - Fresh, intensely lemon fragrance with fruity and spicy undertones

Mandarin - Warm, citrus, fruity, with complex floral back note

Marjoram - warm, herbaceous, nutty, and woody

Melissa - Light, fresh, green citrus

Michelia - Uniquely tropically exotic and invigorating scent

Myrrh - Smoky, herbaceous, woody

Myrtle - Fresh, sweet, camphoraceous

Narcissus - Rich floral and green aroma

Neroli - Floral, powdery, and a little spicy

Niaouli - Herbaceous, vegetative, and camphoraceous

Nutmeg - Spicy, warm and nutty

Orange - Citrus, sugary sweet with floral backnote

Oregano - Herbaceous and camphoraceous

Palmarosa - Sweet, floral, rosy, geranium-like

Patchouli - Earthy, smoky, spicy and musky

Peppermint - Minty, hot, herbaceous, with a vegetative back note

Petitgrain - Fresh-floral citrus scent with a woody-herbaceous backnote

Pimento - Spicy and warm, like the spice

Pine Needle - Clean coniferous, somewhat turpentine aroma

Pink Lotus - Exotic floral aroma with slightly herbaceous back notes

Ravensara - Spicy and herbaceous

Red Thyme - Fresh, herbaceous, medicinal scent

Rose - Floral, green, woody, with a spicy back note

Rose Absolute - Floral, green, woody, with a spicy back note

Rose Maroc - Very complex, sweet floral scent

Rosemary - Sweet, and herbaceous with a floral backnote

Rosewood - Powdery, soft, floral with a back note of woody

Sage - Woody green herbaceous and pleasant conifer odor that is mildly intoxicating

Sandalwood - Earthy, woody with a sweet & mossy back note

Spearmint - Sweet, mint, warm with fern and back note of herbal

Spikenard - Heavy, sweet-woody, spicy-animal odor, somewhat similar to valerian oil

Tagetes - Fresh, sweet, floral, slightly fruity

Tangerine - Warm, citrus, fruity, with complex floral back note

Tea Tree - Herbaceous, aldehyde, and leathery with a green back note

Thyme - Warm, herbaceous, floral with a powdery back note

Tuberose - Complex, exotic, intoxicating, sweet, and floral

Valerian - Warm-woody, balsamic, musky

Vanilla - Floral, rich, sweet, warm, honey, basamic, with a back note of hay

Vetiver - Sweet, heavy, earthy, woody

Violet Leaf - Herbal, sweet, green, woody with floral backnote

Yarrow - Herbaceous, dry, with a woody back note

Ylang-Ylang - Tropical, fruity, fatty, sweet, and floral