Welcome To Our Online Store.

All  of our amazing, all natural aromatic massage oils and creams are designed for our health and wellbeing.

Other than the "spot treatment only" concentrated Essential Oil (EO)-infused massage oils or EO bath drops, some of our creams, and pet products which require different dosages, each massage oil is guaranteed to contain a medicinal-grade minimum of 30 drops of essential oil per ounce (2 TBLs.) to be massaged into the skin.

Please note that we do NOT sell essential oils directly; rather,  hand-crafted, specially formulated, freshly "made-to-order" therapeutic massage oils that contain some of the best high-end specialty base oils AND essential oils.  For optimal potency, nothing sits on a shelf, which you will hardly find elsewhere.  I have used my products on my clients and/or myself, that's why I know they will benefit you when used as directed. 

Used in session and between appointments magnifies results.

Please read How To Use Our Products and Policies.  All prices are in USD.