Massage Therapy Reviews

"Over my lifetime, I've lived in various places.  Some of these reviews date back 25+ yrs."             

—Mary Kinlen, CMT, BA

Usually I go to one of the monthly membership massage companies but often my massages were "hit or miss" events. A friend told me about Mary and said she was the best masseuse she had ever experienced. I was not disappointed. You have this feeling that she is totally in touch with what your body needs. If I could rate her a 10 I would. My suggestion is to see for yourself!                         

-Joni Dimmitt, Riverside, CA  

Over 1 year ago, I started to get multiple migraine attacks during the week. After several failed treatments of conventional medicine, I decided to see a chiropractor. Interestingly enough, the chiropractor noticed that I have extremely tight muscles on my back and neck. My chiropractor advised me get find a reputable massage therapist. After a few weeks of research, I found Riverside Holistic Massage. Mary was more than accommodating, and gave me an appointment within a few days. During the first session, she confirmed what my chiropractor has said (without me telling her). She explain how the body works and how the massage would greatly improve my life style. Mary suggested a good a few treatment options for me to decide. I decided to try the full body massage for a few weeks. From the first treatment, I was able to notice a huge difference in my condition. My migraines slowly but surely disappear, to a point where I no longer have to take meds. We are also using the oils for at home massages, and it works wonders. Both my wife and I are using the oils almost on a daily basis. I highly recommend Riverside Holistic Massage. 

-Alberto Ortiz, UCR IT Dept, Riverside, CA 


Mary Kinlen is a certified massage therapist who has had extensive training & practice. She has been my massage therapist & I highly recommend her ability to provide a variety of techniques. I found her to be very thorough in considering the whole patient/client including any pre-existing medical conditions. She is able to provide excellent individualized treatment. I often suggest massage therapy for painful medical conditions & many patients find this very helpful. Individuals can be certain of having a good experience under Ms. Kinlen's care.  -Bette G. Maybury, M.D.
Associate Professor Emeritus of Clinical Neurology, Wishard Hospital, Indianapolis, IN

Mary did an excellent job of making my neck, shoulders and back feel less stress. I felt tremendously relaxed and could have fallen asleep. She went beyond her expertise and her quality of service was outstanding.   -Mary Dimonte,  
Retired, Riverside, CA 

This was the very best feeling I have ever felt, Felt so relaxed. She's very professional and she definitely knows her job.I would encourage you to give her a try.You will not regret it.                        

-Jolene Pastores, CURVES Circuit Coach, Riverside, CA

Very good results and I'm pain free for the first time in months. Mary knows what she's doing.       --Steve Scheppele, 
Retired Lineman, Hemet, CA  

I am traveling, working long hours on a computer and was in need of a massage...finding Mary was heaven sent!  I received a 90 minute Swedish and then Healing Touch Energy Therapy.  I was able to select the music I wanted to listen to and the essential oils I preferred.  I also requested a scalp treatment which for a small fee was well worth it. I purchased massage oil for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, which Mary mixed up special. Don't miss out on the chance for a wonderfully relaxing and deeply healing massage therapy session.- Regina Leyva, 
Educator/Artist, Mountain House, CA

I had my very first Holistic Massage with Mary and it was incredible. I was slightly nervous as it was my very first time. Mary made me feel really comfortable and at ease during the whole session. During the massage there was beautiful peaceful music playing in the background that only added to the experience. I would recommend this massage to anyone and everyone.                                       - Rebecca Chavez,
 Office Admin, Riverside, CA  

I just had the most amazing massage I have ever experienced, and I have been receiving massage for over 16 years!  The warmth and peaceful environment created through Mary's gifted application of holistic massage is the best gift I can give myself.                                                               - Jeanne Hidalgo, 
Instructor, Marion College, Indianapolis, IN

Since the first session, NO pain in my hips. I feel much better.  Letting go of emotional stuff in me too.  - Tatiana Gordon, 
Indianapolis, IN


I was soul weary when I came to you, finding Healing Touch deeply relaxing and nurturing. It is a place I can go to get the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual support I need in order to continue to give to my clients.

- Dorothy Boerste, LFMT, San Francisco, CA

As a nurse in an ICU, I sometimes get worn down because I deal with a lot of death and dying. Being at the  conference on miracles helped my life in many ways, not the least in finding you.

- Shirley Devitt, RN, Beach Haven, NJ

I confess. My first thoughts about Healing Touch were skeptical. Only after experiencing the wonderfulness of this art form did I look forward to additional sessions. The constant pain I felt was uplifted. I am eternally grateful to Ms. Kinlen.

- James T. Williams, NY stock trader, Virginia Beach, VA, West Wimbeldon, London, England

Healing Touch was a new experience for me and one that came on one of the worst days of my life. I was angry, and livid to no end. This healing substantially released it.

- Paul Teschione, DD, Asheville, NC

Mary Kinlen came into my life 13 years ago through Healing Touch. She was an active participant in our group meetings, offering to assist others as the need arose and sharing the wealth of her knowledge. She was true to her word with commitments and follow up. She helped many of us grow in ways we had never imagined. I know I will be forever grateful that she moved to this area and came into my life.

- Cindy Barkei, RN, BSN, CHTP, Asheville, NC

Four years ago, my daughter was killed, my grandchildren taken by her ex-husband and I'm not allowed to see them. I have been extremely angry with God and so full of hatred, I could find no joy in my life. When Mary was through with my 1st session, I was happier than I had been in a very long time.    -Diane Eplett, Asheville, NC

I am a 50-something divorcee who supports myself and my 93 year old grandmother (dementia).  I had been diagnosed with Lupus...being both incurable and progressively debilitating.  The pain in my legs was excruciating most of the time.  I was already having trouble walking, getting up and down out of chairs, off commodes, out of cars, out of bed and the Lupus was also affecting my lungs.  The doctors had advised me that the treatment to decrease the pain and symptoms would--in itself--shorten my life more and quicker than Lupus.  But the pain and difficulty of the symptoms would be so bad that I would have to take the meds and they were right, the pain and breathing problems were so bad I would take anything to make it go away.  Even if it killed me, as I knew it was going to do.

I have had 20-25 sessions with Mary, most of them paid with money that was supposed to pay bills.  But I knew that if I couldn't work or breathe....So I decided to invest in my health for once in my life and I'm glad I did.  I have been able to decrease my medications by over 75%.  This alone saves me two to three hundred dollars a month, not counting the doctor visits and steroid shots I don't have to take now.  I do not use the cane anymore.  I am breathing without inhalers.  I am not depressed.  I have at least 50% more mobility (sometimes almost 75% more).  My mental state is much better, more clarity, less forgetful, etc.  Less pain in general, such as headaches,  neck aches, backaches not to mention that I can now get up and down off the toilet without help!!!  Wow, that is liberating!!  

Healing Touch and Mary are not something or someone to take lightly.  She has given back to me the ability to move without great pain, to make a living without fear for what will happen to me tomorrow, and hope, in general.  For this, I am eternally grateful. 

Phyllis Strickland, Mortgage Broker, Black Moutain NC

Massage Oil Reviews

(Orange Blossom Cream Souffle)

I loved the Orange Blossom Cream Souffle I got from Mary and Riverside Holistic Massage. It smells heavenly and is so creamy I love to use it. The customer service was terrific too. Everything was just as represented and exactly how I ordered it. I will continue to use the products offered here. Highly beneficial for me! -Theresa Tuengel, Real Estate Broker, Everett, WA

(Sinusitis Massage Oil)  

Early in 2017 I needed to locate a massage therapist that could help me get ready for our daughters wedding without fretting about my drop foot. Mary was the answer to that prayer. During my healing sessions, Mary also noticed an occaissional seasonal congestion and applied an essential oil during the massage that worked wonders for breaking up and clearing the congestion. She is such a wonderful, caring therapist and she knows her oils too. Give her a try, you won't regret your decision. -Jean Bernath, Riverside, CA

(Roses 'N Cream Souffle)                                      

I love the way this feels on my legs.  My skin is different there than on my arms.  The aroma is so wonderful!  -V. Villapuna, Riverside, CA

(Diverticulitis Pain Relief Oil AND Mary's Anti-Plague & Pain Relief Oil)                           

I used Mary's Diverticulitis Pain Relief Oil when I was having a diverticulitis attack on my left lower abdomen. If you are not familiar with this it is very painful and I was amazed at the relief I felt. That was over a year ago. I had previously been hospitalized for it but no more. I have used it 6 or 7 times since when I felt the diverticulitis starting up and it has taken the pain away not to return. I have also used Mary's Anti-Plague and Pain Relief Oil on my lower back, left S/ I joint pain, and found relief; have not had to go back to the chiropractor for this for months with using this oil. I have also used the Pain Relief Massage oil on my Right knee and it has relieved the pain. I also used it just yesterday on my neck and left upper shoulder when I awoke with a stiff neck and today it is just fine. I have used a combination of Mary's pain relief massage oil with DMSO on my feet which often have itching, pain, numbness from diabetic neuropathy which usually comes up when I am in bed before going to sleep. It interferes with me getting to sleep but when I use this, within a short time it has stopped and I can go to sleep. I don't have it everyday anymore but when I do I know to use Mary's pain relief massage oil and DMSO. I have just received her face oil and will be starting to use it.          -Patty Bertrand, Wood Dale, IL

(Pain Relief Massage Oil):

Within an hour, I’d say about 80% of the pain was gone and I’m off the crutches now. 

Sally H. Cinn., OH

(Love & Kisses From the Angels Spritz):

Mary! Oh, it’s fabulous, I love it! It smells heavenly! Thank you so much. –Reverend Stephen Sinclair, Indianapolis, IN

(Stress Massage Oil):

Loved my massage. I decided to have the holistic massage with aromatherapy.  My neck and shoulders as well as my entire body continued to feel better and more relaxed for days. The aromatherapy heightened the joy of the massage and the results. As soon as I smelled the one you used for stress, I immediately noticed a difference in the way that I felt. And my shoulder hasn’t hurt since. I guess there is a connection between body and mind. I would highly recommend this massage and experience. - Ginger Veach
Advisor, Office of Scholarships & Financial Aid, Muncie, IN

(Lavender & Helichrysum Massage Oil)

Mary recommended an essential oil massage oil for a skin irritation problem my daughter and I were having. It worked wonders, after many weeks of trying over the counter medications that did nothing for us. So thankful for Mary's expertise! I don't know what I would have done without her.  -J. Namio, CEO and Web Developer, Tempe AZ

(Emotional Refreshment Massage Oil):

It gave me energy and it’s uplifting.  –David Martinez, Monterey, CA

(Amber-Musk-Aniseed Massage Oil):

I love smelling it. It also grounds me and I need that. The aniseed is like the icing on the cake. –Charity K., Schizophrenic, San Francisco, CA

(Self-Confidence Massage Oil):

With each swipe of this oil, I absorbed the calming feeling of pure potential unleashed, the enticing smell drawing me forward, the lingering feeling of the oil on my skin, the memory of my energizing conversations with Mary, all has helped me advance to a place I wanted to be. Thank you Mary, thank you both. —Corliss M. Klinzing- Hartge, Baltimore, Maryland

(Inner Child Hurt Massage Oil):

It calms me when I use it. -Cary S., Borderline Personality, San Fransisco, CA

(Caretaker Massage Oil):

It comforts and soothes me. It’s my oasis, my own personal space. I smell it and also put it on my heart. –Sue E., Mother of Cary S. San Francisco, CA

(Self-Confidence Massage Oil):

Your philosophy of helping each other and working together in life are very beneficial as well as your massage oils. You encourage people including myself into taking better care of our health. –Jeannette Rowe, Fine Artist, Indianapolis, IN