Why use the best aromatherapy?

The benefits of essential oils aren't a new discovery.

Did you know that an essential oil is a plant's first line of defense against viruses, bacterias, microbes, fungi and predators?  And that the same four nucleotides found in plant DNA are found in human DNA, just arranged differently?  Human beings and essential oils can and do work in perfect harmony--together. 

SO WELL AS A MATTER OF FACT, that for centuries, the essential ingredient or essence of certain parts of certain species of flowers, trees, fruits, herbs and plants has been used to benefit our ancestors, their pets and their livestock. Today, about half a million botanicals exist on this planet and yet, only a few hundred are beneficial and/or can be distilled for their essence.

Pharmaceutical company scientists mimic the real thing or isolate the active ingredient/component of a botanical’s essence ("Essential Oil,") adding unnatural ingredients to the mix until Nature’s perfect creation no longer has the same molecular structure that, so far, no scientist in the world can replicate; hence the reason why no one BUT God knows why they work. 

However, modern scientific research has proven that essential oils are potent with remarkable medicinal properties; indeed they are very complex in their molecular structure, making them very powerful; in fact, with few exceptions, they are not used directly on the skin.

Unlike drugs, essential oils do not remain in the body nor do they leave toxic residue in their wake. They are not addictive.  They are good for our canine friends too; for example, to control fleas, rub no more than 2-4 drops of lemongrass or peppermint on your dog’s fur (away from face) while shampooing or after a bath, twice a month.

THE BEST AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE OILS are carriers of these potent essential oils. Use my massage oils alone or with other complementary holistic medicines such as medical massage, chiropractic, acupuncture, medicupping, etc. 

Essential oils are not the same as herbs but are distilled or solvent-extracted from them. It takes very large amounts of the plant part to distill a very small amount of oil and should therefore be diluted in therapeutic-grade carrier oils such as Caprilic Capric Triglicerides (coconut oil esters), Jojoba or Hazelnut Oil. 

I learned the hard way that true health and well being stem from living, loving, laughing and being happy for just as the body and mind are connected, so are the spirit and emotions linked. All four levels, as one, make up the person I am. “Holistic” here means, ALL, not just  part of “YOU.”  Essential oils are holistic in nature as they affect you on the physical, emotional and mental levels, which in turn uplifts the spirit.  Perhaps this is really why they work.

I envision integrating holistic treatments with modern medicine, the latter of which focuses mostly on the physical.   Could practical applications of essential oil therapy enhance allopathic outcome?  Why not?  Drugs were orginally made off the back of essential oils.  That said, always consult with your doctor before using my essential oil-infused massage oils especially if you're taking prescribed medications.  Here's to your health!

– Mary Kinlen, CMT BA

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